An International School In Hong Kong Offering American Education

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Looking for a nurturing and welcoming community for your child?

No need to look further because American School Hong Kong (ASHK) is here to give the children of today’s generation quality American education. With their holistic approach, many students and parents are satisfied with how it has been a nurturing community throughout these years.

In the wide options of educational institutions in Hong Kong, it is really challenging to find a nurturing community that allows children to explore and grow. Nowadays, many are choosing learning facilities offering American education, as it provides a more transformative curriculum.

Surely, every parent wants the best of everything for their child, including their right to education. When talking about academic excellence that integrates holistic approaches, ASHK stands out among the different options. With their years in the service, it is already bagged as a premier international school. With the educators’ dedication and commitment, many of their students are now well-equipped to face what lies in their future.

The Quality School of American Education

At ASHK, they go beyond the textbooks, as they believe that it is important to empower their children more through their comprehensive curriculum. Everything is designed to ignite the curiosity of every student’s mind and develop their critical thinking. With the different educational systems of American education, students will surely be more advanced and equipped as they go to a higher form of education.

Among hk international schools, ASHK is the top choice of many parents when talking about quality education. With their rooted principles anchored in the American educational system, rest assured that every student will be equipped and ready for the next steps in education. With their commitment to offer a nurturing community, surely they will cultivate lifelong learners who will love learning and discovering things.

Who can apply?

At ASHK, everyone is welcome! There is no discrimination here, instead, they are accepting all races, nationalities, and even religions. Everyone is eligible to go through the admission process.

How to apply?

The process of application and acceptance is very easy and convenient here because everything is done online.

First, it is important to prepare an electronic copy of the following documents for the student:

  • Student’s Birth Certificate
  • Student’s and Parent’s Passport
  • Student’s Visa (if applicable)
  • Student’s School Reports for the past two (2) years (if available)
  • One (1) latest passport-size photo of the student.

Once everything is ready, it is now time to fill out the Online Application Form. Ensure that all information provided on the digital form is correct. Just visit their official website and click on the link to the online form. Then, payment for the application fee will follow. Once paid, kindly email the receipt to their official email address at Next, attend the Assessment Test and Interview.

If there are further inquiries, feel free to contact the Admission Office on their contact number at +852 3919 4100 or +852 3919 4111. Rest assured that all concerns will be answered and attended to immediately.

Check out more information about ASHK on their official website. Here, further details are provided, including the tuition and fees, scholarship programs, and activities.